How to Outsource Your Blog

Are you searching for the best blog writing service? When it comes to growing your company or business, it will reach a point where you realize some activities bring better returns than others do.

For instance, one of the best ways to attract high quality leads to your business is by owning a blog. Remember studies have shown that 60% of potential customers will spend more time reading informative content from brands, which interest them. The more time they spend on your website reading the information, the more likely they will make purchases from you.

You may want to outsource blog writing, but you should know it’s not a simple process. That’s because you need to consider many factors. In this post, we’ll look at factors to consider if you want to outsource blog writing.

  1. Research Topics before You Write

It’s crucial you find current and trending blog topics which your target audience find interesting. Among the tools, you can use include Buzzsumo and Ahrefs Content Explorer.

It will enable you to find topics, which will be a hit with your target audience once you publish them.

Make sure you keep up with industry trends and publish articles about them. It will enable you to get new leads to your business website.

Ensure you combine your efforts with keyword research and the best SEO practices, which will, in turn, help you to increase traffic to your website.

Make sure you publish high-quality content. For example, avoid familiar topics such as “5 social media tips” articles. Make sure you are specific.

Finding writers isn’t hard since every time we post a job for writers, we get hundreds of applicants.

However, finding Quality writers is what is hard. You will have to look for the best ones who write well- without Fluff.

The best way to go about it is to scrutinize your writer thoroughly. Among the issues to check for is consistency, quality and delivery time.

  1. Write Quality Content and Format It for the Web

Make sure the writer you hire knows how to write quality content which consumers will love reading. Writing web content is different from writing regular college papers.

In many instances, writers without experience tend to write long sentences and use sophisticated and long words, which aren’t necessary.

Instruct them to use every day and simple language. It will help readers to understand more about your products and services.

Make sure the writer formats the written content. That’s because users want the best experience when reading your blog.

For example, use subheadings, bullet lists, line breaks and spacing. It will enable you to retain the attention of readers and ensure they get what they are looking for.

  1. Optimize Your Content for SEO

Another important tip when it comes to outsource blog writing is to make sure the writer you hire understands SEO.

He or she should be able to optimize your metas, titles and other necessary OnPage factors. The result is you will improve your chances of getting better ranking.

  1. Pre-Format HTML and Upload

If you have ever tried to copy and then paste a word document into WordPress, you know it’s a nightmare.

You need to ensure the writer you hire can format your posts into HTML to ensure they are ready to go.

If the writer can upload the informative post for you, that’s a bonus.


Finding the best ghostwriter can be difficult. It’s the reason why we have created our blog writing service that provides you with solutions for the above problems.